Giving book a second life. 

We are happy when people decide to give their books a second life, that's why we have created some options how to do it with help from Robert's Books. 

As we are an English bookshop - we accept books only in English. 

1. Donating your books. 

a) If the total number of books that you are willing to donate is around 100 pieces - send us an email with information about the place, time, count, contact details and we will arrange a transport for picking them up


b) bring the books to Robert's Books and have a coffee with person who is working that day. 

2. Selling your books (books with good commercial value) *

Send us a mail with information (count, genre, quality, where etc.) about the books you want to sell to or bring them to the shop - we evaluate them and make you an offer.

We are especially interested in paperbacks from the following categories: classic literature, recent popular fiction, sci-fi, Books in English about Latvia and anything connected with it and contemporary works of history, science, and religion. Books must be in good reading condition; with spines and covers intact; without mildew or damage from moisture; and without loose pages, excessive notes, or underlining. 

3. Becoming a Robert's books club member.

Bring your books to the shop - we evaluate them and for the named amount you get a bookshop credit that you can use for buying books from our store. The idea is to make Robert's Books a local bookshop where club members are the ones who create the bookshops content. Imagine how nice it would be to have a bookshop where visitors can see what Riga is reading :)

Dzirnavu 51, Rīga, Latvia